Education Alternatives offers many services based on the needs of the child.  Some of the more common services we provide include:

  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and Functional Analysis (FA)
  • Positive Supports Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs)
  • ABA Evaluations
  • Behavior Analyst (BCBA) consultation and program supervision for Applied Behavior
  • Analysis (ABA) programs, using the Verbal Behavior (VB) approach
  • ABA- trained 1:1 aides and PCA’s
  • CPI-trained staff upon request
  • Parent and Family Training
  • Intensive Toilet Training Programs
  • Behavior Support to IEP teams and classroom teachers
  • IEP Goal Development
  • Classroom-based consultation
  • Professional Development (inservices and workshops for school personnel) Social Skills programs and groups (using Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking approach)
  • Assist with the setup of ABA Verbal-Behavior (VB) Classrooms for school districts








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BCBA Mentoring Services

Education Alternatives offers supervision and mentoring services for individuals in the BCBA or BCaBA certification process.  We will work with your schedule and workload to help you attain the required hours of supervision and fieldwork. Please see the BACB website for the current requirements.